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Cross-divisional “state of the art” knowledge is the be-all and end-all in automation. In addition, the processes must be simple and the implementation must be affordable and reliable.

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Cross-divisional “state of the art” knowledge is the be-all and end-all in automation. In addition, the processes must be simple and the implementation must be affordable and reliable.

Initial consultation | Offer | Full transparency | Project management | Project completion | Ongoing support

We look forward to new challenges! Getting to know you personally is our top priority, so that we can pick you up at the right place with your idea. Once the goals and non-goals of the project have been clearly defined, we package your requirements in a transparent offer. It is important to us that you always find your individual requirements reflected in our implementation recommendation. In this way, we lay the important foundation for successful cooperation and subsequent project implementation.



Requirements analysis | concept development | solution search Systems Engineering | Project Planning

Based on your requirements, we work with you to develop a customized overall concept. We keep the solution space open for as long as possible in order to find the optimum solution. We present these to you in an understandable way with informative designs, sketches and layouts. The overall planning of the project creates clarity about the individual project phases and the project duration, which lays the foundation for a successful project.


Design | Construction | Assembly integration | E-planning Pneumatics | Hydraulics | Sensors | Supplier coordination

Still can’t imagine how it all works? We give the individual solution principles a mechanical form. We use sensors and actuators to realize motion sequences and record important measured variables.

Together with our regional partners, we plan the electrics and control technology to ensure that all processes are ideally coordinated. It is important to us to involve our manufacturing partners as early as possible in the development process in order to ensure cost-efficient and optimal realization.




Simulation | Cycle time analysis | FEM simulation | Motion simulation

Particularly complex components require the right analysis methods for specific tasks. We use FEM simulations to check the mechanical strength of critical components, taking into account the given component properties such as geometry, material selection, forces and bearings.

By simulating actuators and motion sequences, we analyze the cycle time of systems, draw conclusions about productivity and find the right point of attack for optimization.


Production | Mechanical assembly | Cabling | Wiring

We work together with specialized parts manufacturers to ensure optimum component quality. Thanks to our broad supplier network and regional proximity to our partners, we guarantee short communication channels and rapid order processing.

Assembly includes the following steps, among others:

  • Assembly of machine base frame incl. Protective housing
  • Pre-assembly of individual machine units and assemblies
  • Assembly of sensors and measuring systems
  • Pneumatic | hydraulic tubing
  • Switch cabinet assembly incl. Cabling
  • Coordination & alignment of all components and assemblies



Programming | Function test | CE conformity | Documentation

After a thorough I/O check and software installation, we evaluate the functionality and production capability of the system as part of a comprehensive preliminary acceptance test. Our primary goal is to fulfill all requirements according to the specifications in advance. This ensures fast and smooth commissioning at your site and the time can be used to further optimize the functionality.

Our range of services is rounded off by the clean and complete documentation of the system. Ultimately, this also forms the basis for the CE conformity issued by us.

Ongoing support

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As a full-service partner, ongoing support is simply part of our package.
Technical products are constantly evolving, which is why we support you in the ongoing development of your project.

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