The XITEC redesign: A new look for our growing service portfolio

A lot has happened since the company was founded in 2020. Not only have we grown, we have also given our original appearance a face-lift. The dynamic green tone was allowed to remain as an accent, while the form and expression have been adapted to the growing service portfolio.

To better communicate our brand identity, the process began with a logo redesign, the centerpiece of our external image. Due to the complexity of the projects in mechatronics and mechanical engineering, we opted for a word/figurative mark with our XITEC “X”. A symbol that clearly matches “eXiting technologies” and our services. With a clear, stable form, the logo not only stands for our reliable project management, but also for precise and structured implementation. By retaining the green shade, however, we have remained true to the color scheme from 2020 and created a higher contrast with the anthracite grey. Subsequently, the first classic print types such as business cards and stationery, as well as a digital company presentation, were created. The new line now also runs through the web design of A tidy menu bar and a clear start page allow our users to explore all services at a glance. We are currently expanding the individual areas, so our website will continue to grow in many stages. The focus is on practical examples and applications in order to inform people from a wide range of industries and to pick them up with our service portfolio.

In addition to adapting the visualization, we have therefore also improved our content marketing: blog articles like these or posts on LinkedIn will provide exciting insights into our projects in the future. We would like to make our wide-ranging expertise and services visible and showcase the use of our know-how on the basis of transactions. This enables us to reach a wide range of companies that we can support with projects in mechatronics and mechanical engineering. This also gives potential new employees an insight into how we work and motivates them to submit an unsolicited application. We are always happy to have a good exchange with other experts.

During this major reorganization and expansion of our marketing, one important detail could not be missing: A clear positioning on the market with the help of a concise claim – or simply put, “What we do” in one sentence. We are a full-service partner for projects in mechatronics and mechanical engineering.” With this motto, we have brought transparent and efficient cooperation with our customers and our expertise under one roof.

With the new appearance and clear communication, we are looking forward to a lively exchange in the community, a growing network and new exciting challenges in our field.